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For Sale 

The lamps are listed separately, please visit the lamps page on this site

Through and Away

Hanging window panel

15 x 15in.

$375 + $30 packing/shipping

Free Chicago pickup

Ash Leaf Frame

Through-mortise construction. The wood joinery of the frame can be disassembled so the leaf can be replaced if ever desired. Leaf is freely pressed between two pieces of glass.

7.25 x 9.25

Carved ash frame

Finished with homemade shellac


Rhymes with Cherry

Hanging window panel

9.5 x 8.5in.

$325 + $30 packing/shipping

Free Chicago pickup

Jatoba & White Oak Ring Box

A carved ring box that holds 12 rings of all shapes and sizes, featuring hand-stitched ring slots. The jatoba box is finished with an all natural shellac finish, the carved white oak lid panel is unfinished, bare wood. 

(Rings not included, obviously)

$325 + $20 shipping

Free Chicago pickup


Hanging window panel


10.5 x 7.25in. , copper foiled glass, lead came edging



Hanging window panel

11 x 11in., copper foiled glass, zinc edging.

$325 + $30 shipping

Free Chicago pickup

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